In late 1957 or early 1958, George Creuzot, Tom Wright, Bill Robertson, and Dick Foxcroft met to discuss the advantages of having an organization to represent both the builders and the trades.

February 14, 1958 – The Prince George Contractor’s Association formed, with approximately 12 members. George Creuzot was elected its first president. The association was focused around three main points.

To bring builder’s and trades together, to work toward their common goals.
To bring more stabilization to the building community
To bring more recognition to membership as a whole.

June 21, 1958 – In a joint project between The Prince George Contractor’s Association and the Kiwanis. A school for challenged children was to be built with a twist, that it be completed in just one day.  With local radio and national TV coverage, the project started at 3:00 am, and finished about 15 minutes ahead of schedule at 5:45 pm.

September 1959 – The Prince George Builder’s Exchange was formed.

November, 1962 – Finding that the same people were attending The PG Contractor’s Association and The PG Builder’s Exchange, the two were amalgamated.

September 1964 – The Prince George Home Builder’s Association was formed.

The Canadian Home Builder’s Association of British Columbia is formed here in Prince George, and operates for some 10 years before it is relocated to the Vancouver region.

July 25, 1977 – The name was changed to H.U.D.A.C, (Housing and Urban Development Association of Canada)

1977 – Our first Homeshow was developed.

December 21, 1984 – The name was changed back to The Prince George Home Builder’s Association.

1995 – Our building was purchased.

2007 – The name was changed to Canadian Home Builders’ Association - Northern BC.


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